Hi, I'm Santiago

As a child, I enjoyed helping others. As a grown up, I've learned that I am passionate about encouraging them to reach their full potential.


I am a graduate in Human Resources and a professional Life and Executive Coach. Throughout my career, I have had the opportunity to work as an educator, leader, and speaker, providing resources that enable personal and professional development.

It makes me blush, but at the same time, I feel proud when people call me a 'generator of opportunities.' I firmly believe that each one of us has untapped potential, and it is my commitment to help others discover it.

I am constantly seeking new ways to learn and grow, and I am excited to continue exploring and creating opportunities that make a difference in this world.

In 2018 I shared my personal journey with emotions, mainly anger, on a TEDx stage. Both programs, Emociones Inteligentes (emotional management) and En Pocas Palabras (public speaking and storytelling) emerged from this talk, which I've taken in different formats to organizations, educational institutions and conferences.


Public speaking & storytelling

Emotional management


Workshops & talks

I share with others what I am passionate for: personal development, public speaking and storytelling, and emotional management. Learn about my upcoming workshops.


I share my whole experience in organizations with the objective of optimizing processes and improving teamwork.

Private sessions

I accompany those who are committed to develop themselves both personally and professionally, in a comfortable, intimate and trustworthy space. Book your next session.

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